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25 Most Beautiful Medieval Castles in the World

Despite the Middle Ages also being referred to as the Dark Ages, a period associated with an overall decline after the fall of the Roman Empire, certain beautiful relics, like medieval castles, have survived through the centuries. All over Europe, you can find these strongholds, each with its unique features. Some perched on top of a mountain, others seemingly floating above water, and some nearly hidden by the leafy cover of trees, medieval castles had to be both functional, durable, and easy on the eyes, considering that many were an escape to the royalty and aristocrats. Many of Europe’s medieval castles are iconic and easily recognized, while others are off the beaten path. Here is our pick of the 25 most beautiful medieval castles in the world.

1. Eltz Castle, Germany

Eltz Castle has steadily become one of the most-photographed castles on Instagram with many landscape photographers choosing to capture it during the eerie hours of the day.

The castle sits on top of a hill surrounded by a thick forest, adding to the mysterious feel. Located in Rheinland-Palatine, known as the Moselle wine region famous for Riesling wine, due to its secluded position, it feels worlds away.

Just like many medieval castles, Eltz Castle has seen its fair share of conflict but was never destroyed over the centuries. Interestingly, Eltz Family has possession of the castle to this day.

Source: own shots in Alsfeld, Marburg, Berlin

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