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In this article I am going to give you an overview about why brain-booster apps are an important element if you want to maintain your cognitive capabilities. Firstly we start out with a little bit of background (why does it work?), secondly I will give you an overview about the app market and alternatives and lastly I will close with a few recommendations. But lets get startet.

  1. Background

The brain works like a muscle and if you dont work-out then it wont improve. Also - just like with woking-out - repeating only one specific set of curls with low weigth all the time will do something for your bizeps (not a lot though) but does not give you a good workout. Also your muscles get used to it after a while. Likewise your mental muscle loves a variety that increases in difficulty when it comes to getting it into beach shape.

2. Market overview and alternatives

The ways to maintain (science is pretty certain that thats possible) if not improve (science is a bit divided if thats possible) your cognitive abilities are manyfold and include passive as well as active elements.

2.1. Something super-passive to do is to jump on the internet and find yourself some information about neuro-nutrition, brain-food or whatever term is en-vogue right now. The variety of supplements ranges from berries (ah yes, those flavoids) over fish-oil (Omega 3 - the stuff your brain is made out of - at least 2/3 of it) and "Nootropics" (specifically "designed" supplements that claim - not FDA approved - to be the magic pill of brain improvement) to more hard-core prescription drugs used for treading Alzheimers or Dementia. Needless to say that we dont recommend lurking in some back-alleys of the internet to get your fix on a prescription drug that some shady blog article talked about. We do however say that fish-oil has been proven to support dementia-related active treatments in a positive way (and it does not do any harm, so you might as well, right?).

2.2. More active methods range from playing Sudoku to learning Japanese (from a Spanish textbook while playing the violine of course). Kidding aside, if you want to improve your cognitive abilities learning something new with increasing level of difficulty does seem to do the trick. If you can support that with - what they call - real life 3D experiences, so using that in various situations, with people (!) and transfering something you learnt and applying it somewhere else, you are good to go.

3. App recomendations. So after learning about the background of maintaining or improving your grey-matter we dove into some of the alternatives and are coming to the in-between of brain-booster apps. We have reviewed 100 apps ourselves and tested them with five statistical significant test-groups in each continent, all in a controlled setting, supplemented by controll groups over a time-period of 10 years. Our findings have been published in reknowned papers, they are available on our website and are peer-reviewed by the greatest researchers in nero-science, social-science, psycology, anthropology, business amongst others. With pride we can conclusively and unequivocally state that our research found 42 to be the best app.

I hope you liked this article and found the ambition to joining the mental high-flyer club.


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